Searching the Ocean by Brenda Muir
Gill Olney The Lookout (Meerkat)
Sue Impey Submission 2 - The Honey Bee
Lesley Cowley - Blue Hydrangea - Image 4
Julie Norman, Lakeland Tranquility
Lynne Young - Submission 3 - Torn Vase -
5. Girls on the Loose
Sheila Karran Artwork 1 - A Mosaic of Li
Spa Heaven by Brenda Muir
Julie Norman, Daisy Moo
Unframed - Omg..
Nicky Robinson - Sense of Place
Sue Impey Submission 3 - The Sea at St
Margaret Roberts 1
Margaret Roberts 2
Gill Olney 2
Chris Hodgson
Gill Olney1
Dave Bartlett2
Dave Bartlett1
Laura Wright1
Elisabeth Venn
Laura Wright 3
Gill Olney
Sarah Sollom, Market Day
Sarah Sollom, Zebras
Sarah Sollom, Off To Market - Mekong Del
Jim Dowton, House in the Hills (2)
Janet Fairman1
Sheila Karran6
Janet Fairman2
Janet Fairman3
Sheila Karran5
Jim Dowton, Reconstruction (abstract)
Elisabeth Venn
Sheila Karran1
Sheila Karran2
Nicky Robinson
Jim Dowton, Woman Crouching
Nicky Robinson (2)
Chris Hodgson2
Chris Hodgson 1
Chris Hdgson 5
Lynne Young
Gill Olney
Julie Norman
Jim Dowton Wolf - Wild & Free
Jim Dowton Industrial Derelict
Janet Fairman
Summer Sorrel, Janet Fairman
Jim Dowton Rhino
Daffodil 1 low res Julie Norman
Drops of Joy, Janet Fairman
Winter Chill, Janet Fairman
Max, Lyn White
Buffy, Lyn White
Primroses, Janet Fairman
Down, Deeper Sarah Sollom
Midnight Sun, Sarah Sollom
This Way Up, Sarah Sollom
Nicky Robinson (2)
Nicky Robinson
Winter Sunrise, Gill Olney
Hold on to your Hat, Gill Olney
Nicky Robinson, Keep Calm and Carry Yarn
Squirrel, Jim Dowton
Lyn White, Autumn Glow
Elisabeth Venn2
Janet Fairman, Wallflower
Gill Olney, The Secret Garden
Chris Hallam 2
Goa Sleeping, Sarah Sollom
Shells, Waves & A Rope, Jim Dowton
Elisabeth Venn1
Lyn White, The Chancel
Gymnast Jim Dowton
Sheila Karran, The Old Olive Tree
Chris Hallam
Anna Brennan
Gill Olney Mandolin 3 (2).jpg

Cricklade Art Group (CAG) is not your stereotypical art group, we are a very forward thinking collective of artists keen to develop our skills and bring our work to the public through our regular exhibitions.


We take a great deal of pride in our two very professional annual exhibitions and have fantastic feedback from the public.


Cricklade art group welcomes artists and crafters of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an accomplished artist or just starting out, you will be made very welcome.


All you need is some basic equipment and a desire to create.


Experienced artists will enjoy the interaction with others, whilst beginners will find plenty of support, encouragement and guidance available.

Please see our 'Join Us' page for more info.