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Gill O Orchid.png

Founder member of Cricklade Art Group

I came to art only as an adult, having been told at school I wasn’t any good! I decided I wanted to improve the limited ability I did have and quickly discovered that skills could be learned and no ‘inborn talent’ is needed to produce art.

I went on to achieve a grade A at A level as a mature student. I have never looked back.

I enjoy experimenting and using a variety of different media. I create a lot of my work using an iPad as I find this extremely convenient with no setting up or clearing away required. Currently I use Procreate as this offers me a very wide choice of techniques and effects whilst also giving scope for using traditional drawing skills within the app.


I also enjoy using traditional media such as pencils, pens, pastels and inks, oil and acrylic paints. The above painting has been created using oil paints on canvas, the image to the left has been created using my iPad. My main inspirations are nature and the natural environment

Gill O Woodland.png


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