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Tim Baynes = Art + Excitement

Exciting for Tim is a grey Essex marsh, an impossibly green Carmarthenshire hillside and the Wiltshire Downs drifting into Oxfordshire. The Downs are only thirty minutes from his front door.
For many years Tim's work took him to cities across the world. These were drawn in Moleskine notebooks and ‘transcribed’ into monoprint in 2009 through 2011.
Tim is always scavenging across experience and material, spurred on by examining the work of other painters: Gillian Ayers (colour) Richard Diebenkorn (scale and heat) Peter Lanyon (flight and coast) John Piper (place) Graham Sutherland (surprise/form) Ivon Hitchens (constancy/push).

Drawing or photography is the starting point when something excites him. Back in his studio in Cricklade more drawings or paint/oil pastel studies are made. Tim’s painting then takes these and pulls an idea together in pigment.
Tim hopes his work is a footprint on a landscape, so that he and others can look outacross the work and find meaning.

More about Tim including a gallery of work on
Tim Baynes studied fine art at Carmarthen School of Art with additional studies at
Central St Martins School of art and The Slade.

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